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Replacing a car key can be a hassle when you lose or break them. With so many places saying they offer the best car key replacement it can be hard to find the right one. With the resources on this website you can shop around and find the best deal available online for replacement car keys and other locksmith services to get the keys cut and programmed for you. Ignition keys have changed in the recent years to include transponder chips and car remote fobs, but good locksmiths will still be able to take care of most of the car keys on the market.  Although some keys require you go to your dealership to get new ones, most of them can be replaced by a local locksmith for a much better price.

Our Featured Locksmith is Diamondback Lock and Key. Be sure to give them a call if you are in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa or other valley area.

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You will want to find a trusted locksmith to help you replace your keys.  It is very important that they understand how to make your exact key.  All keys are different and locksmiths have different specialties.  You can also make a spare or two so that you are prepared when that time comes for you or your family.  Almost every key from domestic vehicles like Ford and Chevy can be replicated or cut fresh by a auto locksmith in your city.

We know what it is like to lose a set of car keys. This is why we have made it easy for you to shop around for replacement keys for cars quickly and easily. There is no better place to find cheap spare car keys online.  There are several ways to go about getting a new car key or a replacement car key. You can use a local locksmith to come and cut/code the key you have purchased online. Or you can also have the locksmith supply the car keys and do the programming or cutting.  You can also check with you dealership, but that can be the most time intensive and expensive way in most cases.

Online Key Buying Tip! Be wary of very cheap keys from stores on Ebay and Amazon, we have had reports from locksmiths that these cheap keys sometimes do not work, especially the transponder type keys. Use a reputable online source if you are planning to shop online for a duplicate transponder key.

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