We depend on our keys to such an extent that losing them can cause fear, self-recrimination and anxiety, to name just a few of the emotions you might experience. When keys are missing, we can also lose our sense of security. The convenience of always being able to lock up our possessions can cause us to become complacent. Safety and peace of mind are suddenly snatched away if we cannot find our keys, and our ability to function is negatively impacted.

If you lose your keys, try to remain calm through deep breathing, sitting down, and carefully assessing the situation. Mentally retrace your actions, activities and the people and places you visited just before realizing that the keys were missing.  Contact each person or place where you visited recently and ask them to call and email you if they find your keys.

Assuming that you have searched everywhere and did not find the keys or have them returned to you, take steps to secure whatever you have that could be taken if anyone has your keys and knows where the locked items, car, etc. are located. Call the police if necessary, and then call a locksmith if applicable. The sooner that you take steps to contain the problem, the better you should feel.

People who lose house keys and have home security systems should immediately call the company to have the codes changed. In any case, tell your neighbors about the problem so they know to be aware of and report any strangers or unknown vehicles or activity in the area, or at your house.

Apartment dwellers who lose the key to their home might have a more difficult time getting into their homes, since they may not be allowed to duplicate the key, so there is no spare one.

Since you might be locked out of your home or car for hours, keep dried fruits and nuts in your purse or briefcase and bottled water as well. Always keep emergency cash someplace where you can access it for such emergencies, and keep your cell phone fully charged too. While none of these actions will make your keys appear they can help you to deal with the situation.

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